If you are an alumni of the Syracuse Illustration program, please contact Marty Blake with your email to be added to this list.

Michael Franceschi:  Disney/ formerly Nichelodeon:

Shane Evans:  (Convocation Speaker 2012)

Sarah Chalek:   Books, Animation

Adam Larson:       Design & Illustration

Tim Robinson:  Editorial Illustration

Samantha Hahn:  Fashion and  Pattern Design

Neil Swaab:    Rehabilitating Mr. Wiggles,   Book Cover Design and Illustration

Tom Yezerski:   Children’s Books

Terry Shoffner:  (master's ISDP program)   Editorial Watercolors

Jon Keegan:    Wall Street Jounal, NY Times,  Editorial Art

Kelly Light:  Children’s Books, Disney Licensing

Sean Andrew Murray;  Fantasy Art, Character Design

Jim Cooke:    Gawker Art Director, Political portraits.

Nina Laden:  Children’s Books

Jeff Feligno:   3D Sculptor,  Online youtube tutorials in Z Brush.

Lydia Nichols:  Editorial artist, Book images.

Matt Dorfman:  NY Times Op-Ed Art Director, Book Cover Design & Illustration

Paul Harding:   3D Character design

Laura Tallardy:    ( Ipad Books,  Ipad coding, Web Design

Laura Ferraro Close:  Children’s Books, Hallmark artist.

John Dykes:  Editorial Art

Ben Marra:  Comics 

Mark Ross Studio:  Advertising Illustration, Matte Paintings,  Movie industry.

Chris Renaud: Director Despicable Me. Oscar nominated director.

Adam Port:  Limited edition prints, Sports Industry Celebrity Portraits

Hansol Kim:  Design and Illustration

Bill Thompson:  Educator, Children’s Book artist, Advertising Illustrator

Rebecca Zomcheck:  Children’s books, Educator

Jeremy Shubach:  DIrector, Online Illustrated Videos, & Adobe Creative Suite tutorials

Alex Haldi:   Art Director, Illustrator, Music Industry.

Steve Defino:   Music Industry, 

Alison Black:  Target Corporation Illustrator/ Designer

Chad Wallace:  Children’s Book Artist, Educator

Emily Meluch:   Artist at American Greetings

David Saracino:  Editorial Artist

Michelle Rosenthal:  Editorial & Book Illustrator

Michelle Dickens:  Nickelodeom Animation

Danny Schwartz:

Lucas Slominski:

Kelly Light:

Andy Casadonte:

Tammy Shannon:  Artist Rep/  Represents Illustrators:

Sari Levy:  Artist Representative:  Represents Illustrators:

Jim Charmatz:  Stan Winston Studio 3d artist, and etc:

Ian Milham:  Art Director Dead Space Video Game:

Frank Camuso:

Lindsay Hollinger:  Just left Punch Studio / LA

Dan Meth:

Steve Ellis:

Bill Finewood:

Dan Salamida:      Design, Licensing, and Textiles.

Bob Dorsey:   Paintings, and Educator

Joe Vaux:   Fantasy, limited edition prints,  Gallery Shows

Dan May:  Fantasy, limited edition prints,  Gallery Shows.

Gregg  & Kurt  Vanzo:  Both SU Illustration majors.
Rough Draft Studio/  LA  numerous Emmy Awards, Annie Awards, and  Hugo Awards.

Davis Henry  Duck Duck Goose LA :      Design 

Dan Howe:  Commisioned murals & portraits in Oil.

Mary Beth Cryan:  Paper engineering, Children’s books

Jason Chin: Children’s Book Artist

Dierdre Gill:      Children’s Book Artist

Brian Gordon (Hallmark )    Illustrator at Hallmark Cards.

Rich Kelly  Music Industry poster artist

Cora Lynn Deibler  Children’s art & Editorial  Head of the Illustration Program U Conn.

Matt LaFleur  Designer Illustrator Living in Chicago.

Painting Major:  Donato Giancola  I worked with Dan while he was a student at SU.

David Kassan    Illustration major, now Painter with Henoch Gallery Artist/  drawing on an ipad.

Jonathan Daly  Gallery Artist

Mike Mrak  Senior Creative Director Scientific American  / Time Life Corporation

Morgan Spicer   Animation & Animal rights activist:

Carl Wolentarski:  Illustrtion Major:  Creative Director Gap, NYC.
Robert Bender,  Children’s Book Illustrator.    

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